Food-VouchersThis program has been made possible through funding received from Wyndham Council, StreetSmart and Playgrouping Victoria.

The supported young parents playgroup is specifically for young parents up to the age of 25 years with children 0 – 5 years and who are living in, or connected to the City of Wyndham.

The program aims to provide a safe, nurturing place for young parents and their children to come together and socialize, make new friends, develop confidence and new skills.

Guest speakers from relevant local organizations are also invited to come along to meet the young parents and provide information and resources to meet personal and parenting needs.

The program is free. Transport may also be available to help young parents access the group.

Download the Young Parents Program flyer for current details of where and when the group meets.

For further information contact the Youth Projects Officer on 9742 6452.