testAs a non-profit agency, we legitimately rely on volunteers to achieve our goals. To do this well, we need to invest energy, time and resources on recruiting, training and retaining our valued volunteers.

Volunteering is integral to who we are and what we do. UnitingCare Werribee Support and Housing has grown from a volunteer base. The involvement of our local community, through its volunteering efforts continues to be one of our great strengths.

Werribee Support and Housing has over 65 volunteers who help provide assistance with a range of tasks. These include working in our Op Shop, organising food vouchers or making up food parcels, shopping for our food pantry and helping to maintain the food pantry, answering the phones and general administration support and picking up and dropping off furniture are just some of the vital tasks our volunteers contribute to.

There is a chronic shortage of foster carers throughout Victoria. At UnitingCare Werribee Support and Housing foster carers provide a vital role in helping adolescents who, for a variety of reasons, have been placed on Care and Protection Orders made by the Victorian Children’s Court and supervised by the Department of Human Services.

The program also arranges voluntary placements that are mutually arranged between families, the program and caregivers. Placements can be Emergency (up to one week), short term (up to six months) and long term (6 months upwards). All foster cares are trained and supported by program staff.

As well as helping the community, volunteering is a chance to meet new people, use existing skills and learn new ones. Volunteering also provides the opportunity to socialise and develop new friendships.

A range of opportunities exist for people wishing to volunteer at our Agency. These include:

  • Opportunity Shop
  • Emergency Relief
  • Food Program
  • Drivers/Jockeys for pickups
  • UnitingCare Share Appeal “Operation Santa”
  • Gardening and Maintenance
  • Administration support
  • Furniture program
  • Foster Carers

More Information:

Information for volunteers

Become a volunteer

If you would like to find out more information or are interested in volunteering at our Agency please contact us, phone 9742 6452 or come in to see our Volunteer Coordinator.